CrossFit Fire of the Gods Training Schedule

Group Classes

We offer group classes 6 days a week.  All levels are welcome, scaling the workout to the athlete’s level is part and parcel of the class.

CrossFit Silver Class

This class will be focused on the capacity of those over 55, but IT IS CrossFit so participants will be challenged with constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity scaled to the individual. Push and pull a sled, learn to love the rowing machine, build strength, learn to move with skill, and get stronger every day!  Injuries, limitations and accommodations made as needed.

CrossFit for Beginners

This class is designed to introduce new athletes to the basic movements of CrossFit.  FITNESS LEVEL NOT IMPORTANT!  Come in and learn in a safe, well paced environment and get fit at your own speed with caring coaches.  Email us to reserve your spot in the next beginner class!

Janet and Paul Eich

Individual Training by Appointment 

CrossFit Beginner’s Class

Email us to reserve your spot in the next beginner’s class!


5:30 AM CrossFit
4 PM Crossfit
5 PM Open Gym (pre-sign in)
6 PM CrossFit

5:30 AM CrossFit
7:30 AM Barbells & Rowing
9 AM CrossFit
5:15 PM Barbells & Rowing
6:00 PM CrossFit

4 PM CrossFit
5 PM Open Gym
6 PM CrossFit

5:30 AM CrossFit
7:30 AM Barbells & Rowing
9 AM CrossFit
10 AM Silvers CrossFit
5:15 PM Barbells & Rowing
6 PM CrossFit


5:30 PM CrossFit

9 AM CrossFit


CrossFit is for Everyone.
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