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We will arrange a time for you to come in alone or with a friend.  During the session we will introduce you to the core principles of CrossFit and we will get a chance to ask you what your fitness goals are.  After that we will go through a short movement screen to assess whether you have any issues that will interfere with participating in CrossFit.  Following the screen, we take the time to teach you a few classic CrossFit movements. This is so you can get a sense of the nature of the coaching we offer.  Finally, we give you the chance to try a CrossFit WOD.  This is optional and NOT A TEST but is a fun way to get a taste of  CrossFit.


We are conveniently located at 147 Bath Road in Merrymeeting Plaza next to GNC.

CrossFit Fire of the Gods is conveniently located at 147 Bath Road in Merrymeeting Plaza between GNC and Pet Quarters.

Rates for CrossFit Fire of the Gods:

  • Unlimited training for $115/month
  • 3x per week training for $105/month
  • 2x per week training for $95/month
  • Unlimited training for 5 months with 6th month free for $570 cash or check only
Drop In $15 per class

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Do you have some hesitation about getting started?

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you:

“I heard that CrossFitters are always competing and comparing.  I don’t like competition.”

IF you want to be more fit tomorrow than you are today, come see us.  Your progress will be at your own pace.

“I saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN.  It looks really hard.  Don’t I need to already be in shape to join?”

No, in fact the best way to get ready for CrossFit is  . . . CrossFit!  You will start out where you are with scaled movements and build capacity slowly and appropriately for YOU.

“I am a woman.  I have never lifted a barbell and I don’t want to ‘get too big’!”

We will introduce barbells in simple and safe ways.  Women find that they become leaner and stronger when they do CrossFit.  You will look like the best expression of yourself!

“I am old, not flexible and always get injured when I try something new.”

Our coaches and Coastal’s physical therapists will help you address your old limitations as they arise using movement repattterning, tissue mobilization and other techniques that will help you heal and move on.  We can help you regain abilities and increase your fitness.

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