The Story of CrossFit Fire of the Gods

The Idea

Burning Fire

In Greek mythology, Prometheus took pity on the humans he saw.  He decided they needed the fire of Mount Olympus to be fully alive.  Defying Zeus, Prometheus stole the fire of the gods and took it to mankind.  Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock, where an eagle pecked out his liver each day.

Janet and I didn’t have to steal CrossFit from Mount Olympus!  What resonates for us about this training method is the way that CrossFit can bring a new life to humans like us.  Like Prometheus, we are determined to bring CrossFit to you, and glad we don’t have to get in bad sorts with Zeus in the process.

You may wonder why helping others live a more robust life – one warmed by the fire of the gods – is so important to us that we would quit an executive job and jump both feet into the world of health and fitness.  The full answer is a long tale of a career officer in the US Navy and a dancer, Russian scholar and world traveler and how they made a family of six and found CrossFit along the way.  But here’s a very brief way to understand where I (Paul) am coming from.


The Impetus

Have you ever held the hand of someone you knew was dying? When I was 12, I sat with my grandmother who was nearly blind, almost deaf, and sadly frail. I loved her more than anything and I didn’t want her life to end that way – body slowly wasting away, while her spirit was still filled with love. I didn’t know how to help, and I didn’t understand why no one else would or could help her. She received first rate medical care for her symptoms, but there was no system to give a chance to regain strength, mobility and independence.  I didn’t want it to be like that but I felt helpless. It wasn’t right!

Some patterns in life repeat themselves. I found myself staring in the mirror at age 32 with a huge belly and poor health. I had eaten my way from size 34 uniform trousers to size 37. Memories and questions flooded my mind again – I didn’t understand how I could be working out so much but still getting fat, and I began to feel helpless to change the pattern.  I decided I would learn how to reclaim my health.

I started studying diet and health in 1996. In 2007, everything I had learned and practiced came together when I discovered CrossFit and the paleolithic model of nutrition. Using these potent tools, I was able to create an amazing new level of health, energy, and physical confidence. I went from a size 39 to 35 waist, and dropped over 30 pounds. More importantly, I know I will be here for my kids when I get older!

Over the years, my love for my grandparents has turned into a love for helping others to create better lives through CrossFit. CrossFit is “fire of the gods”. I have helped many friends, colleagues and clients lose fat and gain control of their health. I have seen what happens to us if we eat the SAD (Standard American Diet), and I see a different future for me, my family and for my clients. Please help us create a vibrant community of humans who will use CrossFit to rebuild or refine body and spirit so that each of us will make our way towards a future of vigorous activity and passionate expression of love and life.

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