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CrossFit Fire of the Gods Trainer: Paul Eich

Paul Eich

Co-owner, Trainer


Paul Eich is co-owner of CrossFit Fire of the Gods with his wife Janet.  Paul found CrossFit in 2007 while assigned to Camp Victory in Iraq, and attended the CrossFit Level I training shortly after his return.  He has attended many CrossFit trainings since then, highlighted by earning his Level II certification in 2008.  He also attended the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course (2009 and 2013), the CF Olympic Lifting Course with Coach Mike Burgener (2009), the CrossFit Running course with Dr. Romanov (2011), and the CrossFit Endurance course with Brian McKenzie (2013).  More importantly, he’s taken the material from those courses and used it to improve his own technique and that of his clients.  He is currently the only Level 4 CrossFit Coach in the state of Maine.

Paul’s trainer development course was utilized by Barbell Shrugged hosts Mike Bledsoe and Doug Larson to help their trainers excel.  Mike and Doug also hosted Paul’s nutrition presentation, That Stuff Will Kill You, for their members and as one of their nutrition products (, and you can see Paul on episodes 7 and 29).

Paul’s passion is learning and teaching, and CrossFit provides platform so he can teach those who want to learn, and are ready to make the change, how to move well and eat for health and performance.

Janet Eich

Co-owner, Trainer


I grew up on Swango farm in Woolwich, attended Sarah Lawrence College in 1996. I studied Russian and dance at Sarah Lawrence College, and spent two years in the former Soviet Union. After my B.A., I completed a four year program by SemioPhysics in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Awareness in San Rafael, California in 2000, and remain a Feldenkrais Method Practitioner. I opened Feldenkrais Memphis in 2008, and taught group and private movement lessons through 2013.

My husband and I married in Alna, Maine in 1999, and we have four children, ages 4-14.

I began CrossFitting in 2008, and earned Level I Trainer certification in 2012. I ran classes in our CrossFit gym in Memphis, working with athletes of all ages – children through senior. I attended the CrossFit Mobility trainer seminar with Kelly Starrett in 2013. I have a special interest in quality of movement. Better movement enables a better life.

I am excited to help people attune to movement habits that are harmful; when we become aware of what are doing that is injuring us, we then have the opportunity to retrain ourselves to move with more ease and pleasure. I define this as neurological fitness–the ability to tune in an notice what you are doing, interrupt dysfunctional patterns, and to reset with a new pattern and cues to find that movement.

I love movement! I think it is the best expression of being human to be able to do the activities we enjoy with pleasure, not compromise and pain. I believe the human brain an body are highly adaptable and tunable. Changes in movement can catalyze changes in thought and behavior patterns.  Each of us has the ability to make our own lives better, richer, more pleasing, and the right support and coaching can accelerate that process.

CrossFit Fire of the Gods Trainer: Janet Eich
CrossFit Fire of the Gods Trainer: Laura Lane

Laura Lane



“I found fitness later in life.  When I was just shy of 41, I received a call from a dear friend and cancer survivor.  She asked if I would like to ride my bike with her in the Dempsey Challenge.  At the time, I was 50 pounds overweight and in poor health, emotionally and physically, but I couldn’t refuse.  At that point I began to follow a paleo/primal lifestyle and ride my bike several times a week.  Three months later I was stronger and 12 pounds lighter!  I rode my bike in the Dempsey challenge with my friend and after the 25 mile ride, I crossed the finish line with her!!

After I had a taste of competition, I was looking for a way to continue my journey to better health and fitness. I found CrossFit in February of 2013. I trained hard and signed up for my first Tough Mountain Challenge. Eight months later when the challenge came around I had lost another 25 pounds and finished the race handily.

To me, CrossFit and nutrition is not about losing weight, it is about gaining strength, confidence, mental and physical well being. I have learned that CrossFit is for everyone at CFFOTG. The connections, friendships, the comradery and the great support of both athletes and coaches is what makes CrossFit powerful and life changing!”

Sara Phillips



I’ve always been active growing up and swam in high school. I was introduced to Crossfit in 2012 and then received my Level 1 in 2013. I’ve done competitive competitions but really just enjoy the community and support you only find in a Crossfit gym.

I became a coach because I have received so much from Crossfit and its community that I wanted to pay it forward and help others through their journey.  There’s nothing better than watching someone do something they thought a year, a month or a week ago they never would be able to do.

In September I started school to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I wanted to help people understand their own biochemistry and be able to make the right choices for themselves.  Nutrition is such a powerful tool that is constantly overlooked.

CrossFit Fire of the Gods Trainer: Sara Phillips