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is a core strength and conditioning program defined as “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.”

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We use barbells and bodyweight movements

mixed with running and rowing, in every conceivable combination, to create relatively short, intense workouts to prepare you for the unknown and unknowable challenge.

You will be able

to run, lift, and control your body in space. You will be fit for sport, combat and life.

CrossFit is scalable

the same workout can performed, with loads and reps relative the athlete’s needs, at the same time by widely diverse athletes – young and old, fit and deconditioned, and male or female. Don’t worry about getting into shape so you can do CrossFit! CrossFit is the fastest and best way to get into shape.

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Three New Beginner class options starting soon:

Saturday, February 4 at 11am

Monday, February 13th at 5pm

Monday, February 27th at 7pm





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What to Expect

  • Get leaner and gain muscle
  • Acquire good movement habits
  • Enjoy more athletic capacity
  • Experience less injury and illness

Why Fire of the Gods?

  • Passionate, Experienced Coaches
  • Engaging, Transformative Classes
  • Supportive Learning Atmosphere
  • Affiliated since 2010

Let's Get Started

  • Small group classes w expert coaching
  • Accessible Fundamentals for Beginners
  • Personal Fitness Goal Sessions with coaches
  • Nutrition Support and Injury Prevention

The Whole Story

Have you held the hand of a loved one who you knew was dying? This was the impetus for me for change and starting this gym. Read More…

CrossFit Fire of the Gods

147 Bath Rd, Brunswick, ME 04011, USA

In Merrymeeting Plaza, between GNC and Pet Quarters


New 2017 Classes!

FirePower30 -  Strapped for time? Get fit with a half hour ultra efficient power work out 3 days a week! STARTING JANUARY 30TH

Dame Strong - Are you woman who needs a core strength program?  Join our women's strength class!  No intimidation, just inspiration from fellow athletes of all levels looking to build strength!  STARTING FEBRUARY 6TH 

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